Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Night, and the year that is new

I had a devil of a time getting a halfway decent shot of anything at First Night, except for this nose biting Father/daughter duo...

Two or three years ago I took a yoga class on New Year's Eve and the teacher gave us this idea: set a one word intention for the new year. I think that year mine was Clarity. 2008 was Strength. The idea was not so much strength to withstand the blows dealt you, but strength of mind: if you are clear and certain and strong of mind it really won't sway you if someone criticizes you, thinks ill of you, or is even incredibly mean... since you are strong in your mind you will know that you are perfectly OK, and that this other person is just confused. And as you know, you can't wage war with someone who won't fight back.

Anyway, that intention was a good one for me this year, I had some conflicts that had my conflict-shy self quaking in my boots, but I learned how to face conflict lightly and lovingly, and stay connected throughout, a major lesson for me.

My word this year is Freedom. I'm letting go of limitations this year, hear that Universe? Check it.

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