Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I just love doing my art class. I love working with the toddlers, I love seeing their enthusiasm, I love seeing them try things for the first time, I love seeing them get the hang of it, I love see them start to love painting and making art, and I just love making a mess with them! It's that inspiring, fun kind of messy, for sure.
(That's us making yellow playdough in that bowl, by the way. If I've learned anything at all along the way, , it's that toddlers LOVE to dump and mix and stir and squeeze and sniff and taste... insatiable curiosity, those little guys.).

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Melanie Schofield said...

Found your wonderful blog through Pinterest and wanted to say that what you do with toddlers is amazing! Children learn through experiences and you are providing some pretty awesome activities for toddlers. I enjoyed perusing your blog very much!