Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hand slappy

I remembered this game recently and I was SO glad I did. I don't know if almost anything has informed my parenting style more than the amazing Playful Parenting class I took with Kirsten Nottleson a few years ago. One of the major things I carry with me from that class is that usually when kids are off-kilter they just really really want to re-connect with you. And I think unfortunately for us, we love to reconnect by talking, but for the littler ones it's not that easy. Eye contact, physical closeness, and laughter are super important elements that help them get back on track, and this slapping game rolls 'em all up in to one. Here's the instructions if you've never heard of it before:

Find a partner.
Face each other.
Have your partner hold out his or her hands, palms down.
Hold out your hands, palms up, about an inch below your partner's hands.
Attempt to bring your hands over and slap the tops of your partner's hands - while she tries to move them away before being slapped.
Reverse roles after slapping your partner's hands three times, and begin the game again.

I just have to say, I played this with Jack two nights ago when he was in near-tantrum mode and he has been an angel-pie ever since. OK, truthfully, we did do some wrestling too which is a HUGE help, but when you don't have the time/energy/patience, this game I think could be a little quick fix or life saver.


Bernadette said...

Awesome Kami. I like to do the put your hand on top game - you know where you keep moving the bottom hand of the pile to the top of the pile.

a_dalhouse said...

Is Kirsten still doing her playful parenting classes? I followed the link here but the schedule was for 2008. I'd love to do this, as well as get my kids into your classes - soon, soon.

a_dalhouse said...

btw, my name is andrea, i was in carrie and bernadette's holiday class with you and have been following your blog ever since :) Love it!

Kami said...

Hey Andrea! Sorry, I couldn't figure out quite how to reply to you, your email address doesn't come up with the comment, but THANKS for the compliment! Email me your address and I will have Kirsten email you her schedule. Help me remember who you were in the class! That class was so much fun... did you mention what your child's name was? I always have an easier time remembering the kid's name rather than the adult's.
Look forward to meeting you soon, and yes, take that class with Kirsten, it's awesome!