Monday, January 12, 2009

Some pig

Oh, Wilbur, turn your eyes away! My dear vegetarian friends, turn your eyes away also!

I just had to mention this as what is most definitely my most exceptionally unusual barters ever.

My friend called me recently, asking if she could trade me one of my classes for a leg of wild boar that her husband had just shot.
I am almost always up for a gastronomic adventure, especially if it's local and organic.
We covered it in bacon because almost anything's better with bacon, and because they suggested it on the Broken Arrow Ranch website. This is a Texas ranch out towards San Antonio I think that raises game and you can buy boar and venison from them at the farmer's market.

If you're going to eat an animal, they're a good one to eat, because they are actually an invasive species that are a big problem in Texas and bad for farmers. You can watch a two minute movie about them here.

We roasted it last night and I was really worried. I've never roasted anything that big before... it was bigger than a turkey. I was worried it would be completely inedible. And it roasted and roasted and roasted... many hours past the time when we thought it would be done, we gave up and made the kids quesadillas and tomato soup for supper and put them to bed.

But, SUCCESS!! 10:30 last night, roast boar, tasting good and plenty tender.
Anyone got anything else they'd like to trade me?

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