Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inspiration vacation

This is a woman's group I will be leading with my friend Laurie Kemp... she wrote the email below and as you can see she is a fount of enthusiasm, insight, far-reaching ideas, and life-changing and world-shaking energy! I'm so excited to be offering this with her and also to get to do this at her home... this really will feel like a monthly mini-Hill Country retreat, so refreshing and rejuvenating and inspiring. Check it out and email me or Laurie if you have any questions at all
It takes a VILLAGE...
You are invited--- come one ,
come all!!!
Wanting to find, define, expand, and explore YOU and your existing and/ or hopeful small or greater village???!
This is a new Austin women’s group beginning as a series of 5 monthly meetings, the last Sat of each month starting January 31st, SOON!

Our intention is to offer each other a safe, cozy space to connect with ourselves (at the very least) , which we believe will absolutely eventually catipult each other into a greater connection with each other, community, the greater sisterhood, and ultimately the whole wide world and universe (at the most, totally doable)!!

Within this space we will share golden parts, messy pieces, and ideally move forth and through to the other side which is to a solid sense of who and where you are, where you want to go, and what you wish to create for yourself, your family, your community--- Planet Earth!

Although seemingly ambitious, we believe that it is as simple as gathering and allowing each other to just BE who you are.
This may look like silence and breathing, simply listening, taking it all in, bravely putting it out there, crying, laughing—-- the sky is the limit of course, we aim to nurture and support all parts of the process.

Our greatest hope is that women will leave feeling lighter, more connected, and encouraged to explore the endless avenues of self care and be on their merry way toward what we are really here to do which is to either begin, define, deepen, or enrich our own personal journeys.

An additional bonus is that we do plan to give you a simple self care tool to take home and practice at the end of each gathering.

It DOES take a village and we want to make it happen for you and us!!

Feel free to pass this on and on and on...
Details/ Logistics:

This will be facilitated mainly by Kami Wilt with support from Laurie Kemp; we also plan to invite healers of sorts to facilitate and teach a simple self care tool after the first meeting.
Dates/ location:
This will be a series of 5 gatherings at the home of Laurie Kemp on Nutty Brown Road ( a wide open quiet space) the last Saturday of every month:
January 31st
February 28th
March 28th
April 25th
May 30th
We believe that committing and signing on to all will allow this to really sink, bubble and blossom on a much greater level personally and among us all.
10 to noon with the option of packing a lunch and hanging afterwards to mingle, find a spot in the sun, what ever you like.
$50 for the entire series
We will NOT turn anyone away--- we are open to barter, but feel that some exchange of energy is necessary to make this happen fully and richly for all!
Kami Wilt
Laurie Kemp

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