Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ramonster World HQ AND Matt the Electrician!

It was a boffo TWO for the price of one visit on our What Do People Do All Day weekly tour! Not only did we get to visit Kathie's studio where she makes all her amazing clothes (and where she made Camilla's lucky doll a skirt) but we got to see Arlo play electric guitar and sing Abba (and his papa sang a song about Arlo and played a banjo-ukelele, that was cool too).
On top of it all, they let us watch the inauguration in their living room when I accidentally showed up with my huge crew of children right smack dab in the middle of it (I thought it was at 12, not 10, WHOOPS!). They were unfailingly gracious and SO welcoming. Real down-to-earth great folks. Thank you so much you good people!

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baccushope said...

What a rich day! Obama and a new doll skirt, can it get any better?