Wednesday, January 21, 2009


And so it shall be called, my utopia. MUNGO!!

'"Mungo" is a word used by sanitation workers to refer to things salvaged from the trash.
It has been assumed that it comes from "mung," a cheap cloth. But no direct link has been found. The word has also been spelled as "mongo."
Recently, "mungo" has been spotted from the 1930s. It has been used in Brooklyn. I have guessed that it might be a joke on the colorful Brooklyn Dodger pitcher of the 1930s, Van Lingle Mungo. But that remains just a guess.'

I found this definition here.

It's funny, I came across that word a few years ago and thought it would be the perfect name for like a cool re-sale shop like NewBohemia. I felt a desire to name something Mungo but since I didn't have a desire to open a shop like that I let it go. I think I love names that end in -O. Jack was going to be Nemo, because of this beloved comic strip, but then that frakkin' movie came out...
Now perhaps fate has decreed that I have a Bruno and a Mungo in my life.
or Mongo?
in some circles it is known as Mongo.... Mungo, Mongo, which is better.
If it was Mongo, it would rhyme with Bongo, the bunny from the Life is Hell comic strip by Matt Groening. Then I would always have this rhyme in my head, "My name is little Bongo. I like to sing this son-go. Whenever I get called upon the teacher says I'm wron-go."
I always get that rhyme stuck in my head, probably because I read 'School is Hell' about 15 million times when I was a teenager. Wonder why.
And now I will take my leave. MUNGO!!


Anonymous said...

so all the goodies that Wall-E collects from the trash are mungos. cool! something to teach Eli.

Kami said...

oh yeah! Wall-E. perfect example. good way to explain this to kids. I think mungo is plural though so technically it is pieces of mungo that he picks up. But mungo nonetheless. MUNGO! (it's a fun word to say).

rockaway said...

we are then the house of mungo, because neil and i are total trash-picking, repurposing fools (we held our wedding at the orange show, which was built almost entirely out of salvaged stuff). i could go on and on and on in this vein, so we should probably discuss further over coffee/bev of choice.


Kami said...

Awesome, let's do it!