Saturday, January 31, 2009


Laurie and I hosted our first women's group at her house today.
It was so AWESOME!!
I have been in a terribly grumpy state this week. AGH! I just realized that Mercury is in Retrograde and make of that what you will, but it really has been true that all sorts of crazy communication mishaps and broken things have been happening. It has been making me ENRAGED and FRUSTRATED. I want things to go more smoothly than this!
Also I was realizing that, as an idea person, it's so much more fun for me (obviously) to be in the state where all sorts of great ideas are flashing across my brain pan, and I'm all inspired, and bringing enthusiasm and energy to those around me. I think I need to learn how to roll with it more when I'm just going through a spell of letting myself lie fallow. What a necessary and nurturing state to be in. BUT STILL! I just did not feel like I was in a good state to inspire others!
And yet, all these women were coming. And I let go of my anxiety of feeling like I had to lead us somewhere fantastic. Wonderful things sprang completely organically out of just being together, in this little two hour space we have carved for ourselves out of the month. Plans were made to exchange recipes, help each other make or tend gardens, support was given, a few sweet tears were shed... laughter was laughed, sunshine was soaked up, and I'm pretty sure everyone left feeling lighter, more connected and more relaxed than before.
Thanks to all you amazing women for taking a chance with your Saturday morning! Anyone else, if you feel inspired to join in, please do. If you feel yourself yearning for a little dose of community, we're here.

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