Sunday, January 11, 2009

What do you do with the mad that you feel? Part one

Sunday morning found us all funky and not in a good way. It was Matt's morning to sleep in and I was in charge of all three kids. Three out of four of us were in foul spirits (the baby was in her customary good mood). I tried to remedy this by, among other things, letting the kids watch this Mr. Rogers on Youtube (isn't that a good one? He's so hip! He's so down!) while eating their cheerios but even this only bought a few moments of peace. By the time Matt roused himself from his slumber I was downright irate. I was thinking of Mr. Rogers and how to let go of the mad I was feeling. I could have pounded some dough or clay but that's not really my bag.

I decided to treat myself like my own precious child because my children are obviously abominable. I thought I'd share some of the things I do when I need to get back on track.

Twenty minutes in the bath and I like to put some essential oils in there, that's really refreshing. I like to go get some flowers from the garden and light a few candles, because it only takes a few minutes and it really makes me feel like I'm being extra good to myself. If you only have twenty minutes to shift your mood you got to make it count!

The other good thing about this is that afterwards sometimes I'll ask one of the boys if they want to take a special bath. I don't let them both get in as they usually do. The scent, the candles, and the word 'special' seem to really have a calming effect on them. Maybe it's a way of teaching them to meditate or take space if they need it. I hope so.

OK! I think I might be ready to start my Sunday. Whew. Thank goodness for do-overs.

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Bernadette said...

Do overs! When I remember to use them, they're the best!!! Even if they are scorned by some. Partners included.