Friday, January 23, 2009

Urban hike

Seriously, one of the things that makes me swoon about Austin is the plethora of nature walks and hikes not even just a short distance from the city center but in the city center itself. AND have I mentioned that I LOVE CREEKS?? I can't explain it exactly but I just get so excited when I'm exploring a creek, any creek. I think it must be all those many summers as a kid exploring up and down Lake Creek in Central Oregon (thanks Mom and Dad! What bliss!). And Austin has just a multitude of them, Shoal, Bouldin, Boggy, Waller, the list goes on... Anyway, I've been wanting to squeeze in more adventuring (and I do love hearing Bruno yell, "We're goin' on a 'VENTURE!!") so today instead of just hitting WF and going back home I decided to hit WF and then go on down to the creek a mere one block away. It is so fleekin' awesome down there and I don't think anyone hardly goes down there.... we had ourselves a fine time. Yes it's not a pristine natural wonderland but it's still beautiful and it also reminds me that that's a subject I'm ready to get passionate about too, cleaning up our creeks. I've been thinking about volunteering for the
Texas Stream Team or something like that... that is next on my agenda...
Anyway we had so much fun. And everyone always faints with the cuteness of this little red Ramonster jumpsuit too, including me. It always contributes to the fun of the day.

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mama said...

i love these! i get very excited by creeks as well. and often very disappointed by the trash! but we like little stacy's creek very to bring along a little boat.