Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More messiness...

I realized a few days ago, after a big lot of family flew off to their respective corners of the U.S, and I felt like taking the evening off and just relaxing and downloading... but all I did was read, read, read. That's my impulse if I have down time: voraciously take in more information. I want to read... and god knows, I love it... but I think I need to squeeze in just a little stillness, silence, and quietude.

So there you have it... less reading for the new year. I'm hoping to get some support in breaking this addiction, and I may be 'round to apologize and make amends to some of you for the ways in which you have been harmed by my reading.

1 comment:

Bernadette said...

Your reading has served me well!!! But enjoy the break.