Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another giftie

These little vintage suitcases are everywhere and I never cared about them a whit... then I got this idea for Jack and now I earnestly lust for one myself. I would have loved this when I was a kid... a tiny little space to arrange as I liked, all my special goods.

On Christmas morn upon opening it he found:

One deck of cards (extra large).
Animal crackers packed in a box (just like the Shirley Temple song we love to sing...)
Embroidery hoop supplies.
Some ribbons.
Rock collection.
Some coloring pages I printed off the internet. I try not to do coloring books/pages as a rule but the boy loves them and he gets them at school, and it was the one thing he earnestly requested! Anyway, these ones were pretty cool, and hopefully won't ruin him for life.

Oh yeah, and his favorite, which he has been using constantly... a big stack of fold-yer-own paper airplane in a multitude of ways from a 2007 one a day calendar... he's loving those.


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