Sunday, January 4, 2009

Photos by Resurrection Fern

I'm so excited to have gifted myself with some fresh new art to start the new year. I needed some new stuff to tickle my eyeballs and bring some delightful new energy into the house. These are photos of art created by Margy at Resurrection Fern. She creates so many beautiful oddities with objects she finds in nature, like these stones she has felted and/or crocheted covers for. I discovered her blog a few months ago and I am just loving seeing how she finds inspiration and follows her obsessions until she's mined the little vein of creative energy... and I love what she creates as well. I also ordered this print for my sister-in-law Sarah, because she has a particular fondness for snails.

These photos are only 12 bucks!! Visit her etsy shop to see if one speaks to you.

You do know that it's excellent feng shui to look at art you love every single day, don't you? You do? Oh, good.

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