Friday, January 9, 2009

Going on a ramble

I wish this post was going to be about how we did this great activity and it was idyllic and everyone loved it. If you want to read something like that (and how to do this cool paper marbling activity) then you can go here. Unfortunately it's more about a mama getting frustrated that the kids weren't doing the project "right", that paint was getting everywhere, including on my clothes, myself, and the baby, and that everyone ended up mad, upset, and disappointed. That the high point of the afternoon had been doing 'nothing'--- lying on a blanket in the backyard-- and the low point had been the cool, interesting activity that nobody except mom really wanted to do in the first place.

I had to remind myself this all summer, and here I am reminding myself again... my kids just want me most of all to hang out and focus on them. And then maybe, maybe after a few hours of feeling calm and connected, we could maybe do a project together and have it be a success. SAD... because I oh-so-very-much prefer doing projects to being present... sad, but true.

Anyway, the other part of this story is how when Matt got home I practically ran out the door screaming because I couldn't stand another minute with these rapscallions. I left and was glad to have the evening free so I could go on what some might call a ramble, or a walkabout, or an artist's date... just out the door with nothing in mind except pleasuring myself. But the good kind of pleasuring, where you really feel around for that special little something that hits you on that zingy little spot that is just the perfect thing to do for you in that moment. I think it's an excellent thing for women to practice doing... and not just doing the same thing every time, like ALWAYS going to a movie or ALWAYS eating an ice cream sundae, because then you might be numbing yourself instead of enlivening yourself and tuning in.
SO I'll just tell you what I did. It's nothing too exciting but it was fun for me. I went to the library to get Your Best Year Yet.... I already did it in a class with Carrie Contey but I wanted to do it again, maybe with my friends, and apply it to my business. Then I went to get a bubble tea... someone had mentioned them recently and I felt like I wanted to try. I went to Coco's Cafe on Research Blvd. I didn't like the bubble tea but I'm excited to go back and try some Taiwanese food. Then I found myself at a coffee shop playing with this book again (I love it so much!). I got so engrossed in making this pop-up book that I didn't even notice that they had closed, until a teenage barista told me, a tad snarkily, I thought.
Anyway, don't judge me too harshly, it's my first pop up book. But it's an instant pop up book... it takes less than five minutes and involves no glueing or anything like that... a few snips of the scissors and you're done. It's so cool!

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