Sunday, March 1, 2009

You don't always get what you want....

...but then again, sometimes you DO!!

Yesterday morning Laurie and I had our monthly women's group once again, and once again it was restful, rejuvenating, and super inspiring. It is phenomenal what can happen by just getting together, as one person talks about something they want and need and then someone else just happens to know just the thing.... absolutely magical.

Towards the end we did an exercise where we were going to target one part of our lives that we wanted to change and then spend 5 minutes writing our absolutely perfect fantasy of that situation as detailed as possible. Then we were going to think of two tiny little baby steps, nothing too grand or intimidating, that could help inch us in that general direction. Katy misunderstood and timed us for 15 minutes instead and nobody even noticed because we were all so deeply immersed in our pleasurable fairy tales. We shared our stories and wrapped up the group just in time to see Laurie's family barreling down the driveway ready to reclaim the house.

I wrote about my family life and how loving and harmonious I wish it to be. I wrote about the village I want to have, the community of like minded folks right close by that can share the chores and share the wealth and share the love as we raise our children and try to get by and prosper and be happy in this world.

And what did I come home to? My children, laughing, playing, loving each other and me. This is a night and day change, ladies and gentleman. They are laughing and playing together as I write this. A minor miracle but good enough for me.

The icing on the cake was that I had been planning on going to this party for women bloggers last night. In all honesty I was not totally clear about what the deal was or who was throwing this party, which was richly appointed with fine snacks and drinks in a hip downtown shop. I was too busy thinking of whether I could handle it socially (I wasn't sure if there was going to be anyone I knew there at all) (and I tend to be a big giant dork at parties in general, which is why I avoid them at all costs) to understand what it was really for. It was thrown by LiveMom but Matt implied there was probably a corporate sponsor or something hidden in there somewhere. But he was wrong. Guess what it is: this website "dedicated to building a better village"....Check it out!

More of my village! And the village raised $800 for baby Ike, too. GO village GO!

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catherine said...

It was so nice to meet you and to find so many other women out there who are interested in building a stronger village for ourselves and our children! Can't wait until the next one.