Friday, March 6, 2009

Digging for worms...

... this is just something that works. I finished up an art class at my house this morning. I was tired and wanted to just clean up and be quiet for awhile. Bruno felt oppositely: he wanted to get his mess on and be loud and riotous. He also wanted to squish the baby. I felt my ire rising... I felt that old familiar agitated feeling... I felt my jaw getting tense and my voice getting more unpleasant.... and that's when I decided to drop everything and invite Bruno to dig for worms with me. I think it was a good idea, don't you?

We decided to hydrate the worms we did find with a little water we had in a squirt bottle. That was fun, too. Bruno kept wanting to hold the grubs we found, after all, " A Grubb just like me!" he said, but those things freak me out! I find worms much more unassuming.

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@GNN said...

Great photos - i used this as a link in my post about backyard science - Thank you