Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gever Tulley is my HERO!!

Check out this comic book version of his latest TED talk... it gives me a gigantic lump in my throat. Tinkering school for all!

I wish I could do things on the scale that Gever does... and with all the intelligence, derring-do, chutzpah, charm, grace and style and humor... maybe someday.


Kathie Sever said...

"decoration, you see, is a form of conceptual incubation."
O to the M to the G!! i love it.

thanks, kami!

Kami said...

"We, the adults, are all superheroes, endowed with the power of supervision. Let us use our powers wisely, and be amazed at what children can do."


lori said...

hi, kami! i thoroughly enjoyed meeting you at the austin bloggin mama social, and i'm enjoying your blog. my next stop is checking out your class schedule; i know my 3yo would love them!

i would love to get together sometime!

-lori (lltanderson@gmail.com)