Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday morning

Mmmmm..... I fled my family yesterday for another insanely beautiful morning out at Laurie's hill country hideaway with all those lovely women. Still can't get over how easy, fun, fulfilling, nourishing, and inspiring it is. What a perfect group. Everyone is so receptive, enthusiastic, brings so much to the table, is willing to be open and caring with everyone else... the time just unfolds so easily and organically, Laurie and I don't have to lead this hardly at all. We just created the space (really, Laurie did) and this popped up like a perfect green sprout that was just meant to grow there. Our little village, growing.
After everyone left, Laurie and I talked a little about my new idea: a new blog (I know, I know! This is my last one, I promise!), an article for Mothering magazine, ultimately a book.... with Laurie to take photos for all, with the basic kind of feeling of this book, A Year of Mornings, just beautiful, serene, homey, and still... the little moments, not the big picture, but the little lovely moments that make it all worthwhile.
Anyway, I'm SO excited, so happy that Laurie is in and doesn't think I'm crazy (she never does!) and I'm just going to go ahead and live life as if our book was already here and resting comfortably on my bookshelf (would I ever really be able to put it away on a bookshelf? I think I'd have one in every room of the house!) because really, why not. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't, but we'll just do the little things that inch us towards our dream, enjoy life as it is, and keep our ears wide open for that call from Oprah.
And by the by, I got ASPARAGUS in our CSA box yesterday.......... how much more ridiculously spring can you get?? Except for maybe the strawberries from last week... Thank you Johnson's!!

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