Monday, March 30, 2009

Roasted and Toasted

That's how I feel after the last two days with these little hell-raisers. Seriously, I just don't get it. Why are these children so perpetually crabby? Aren't they living heaven-on-earth compared to most kids' circumstances??? Why do I have to deal with all this rage and grumpiness and near-constant screaming-crying?

I mean, I know why, we made it safe for them to share their true feelings, and most of us adults would be walking around screaming-crying half the time if we hadn't been taught so well to suck it up and stuff it down, and we'll be glad in the long run that it's the dawn of a new era when everyone won't be so repressed, but still, OY, my ears. Can everyone just scream-cry a little more QUIETLY??

We had had such a fantastic time at Metz playground on Saturday afternoon, just randomly started tossing this golf ball around and it was one of those miraculous happenings where with little-to-no prep or equipment everyone just had a marvelous time, even the baby. Heck, especially the baby, she almost always has a great time. But I pressed my luck when I tried for a repeat performance the following afternoon. And we biked and triked over there... and brought several more balls to spice it up a little... and it was mondo-disasterrific. After being there only a few short moments, with the babe trying to nurse and Jack angry about something, Bruno spun around and fell off this concrete stage about 3 feet onto his face and started voluminously bleeding from his poor little nose. And I had brought nothing... absolutely nothing... nothing to soak up or wipe up a fountain of blood... we were only four or five blocks away frm home... of course, the longest four or five blocks of my life as I tried to sheperd the crew back home, carrying Bruno's trike, struggling to keep spirits aloft, past shocked folks wondering what had happened to that poor little boy's face, as I assured them we were on our way home to clean up a nosebleed... then it turned out a dusty hill, some karate moves, and some lounging time right there on Holly Street were all they required for entertainment. At least the outing ended on an upswing.

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