Friday, February 27, 2009

Outdoor outings

I made this list awhile ago to keep on hand when I'm out in the car and am drawing a blank as to which outdoor spot will suit our needs best at any given moment. This is to be followed by indoor outings. Thanks Angel for asking, I hope the list will you give you some good ideas!

Pease Park, Wild Basin, Reed Park, Waller Creek downtown,
Bull Creek, Auditorium Shores, Shipe Park, Bouldin Creek,
Rosewood Park, Chestnut Park, Northwest Park, Mt. Bonnell,
Peter Pan Mini Golf, Mayfield Park, Laguna Gloria, Mabel Davis,
Gus Fruh/Greenbelt, The Capitol, Butler Park ...

I know there's way more than this... tell me some of your faves! Today I think we might hit
Southeast Metropolitan Park. It's sposed to be a real hidden gem. I've been sniffin' around on this site and it's giving me some really good new inspiration.

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