Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Joyful Joy Joy

Buds, blossoms, bounty... spring, I love you.
Our Eve's Necklace Tree is in bloom... I just think it is so luxious and resplendent. Those dripping pale pink and ivory blooms, and little black seed pods trailing down like beads... this is a Texas native and I hardly ever see it anywhere... I'm so glad this one resides in the front left hand front corner of our yard.

Next up is our cute little orange tree that we got around Christmas time... I thought, it being so new and all, it would shyly save it's blossoms for next year, and therefore it's sweet fruit... but no, this little lady is flush with creamy little buds... And last but not least, our four year old ruby red grapefruit tree... MY GOODNESS GOSH. I almost burst into tears when I saw this tree last week. Her first year... she gave us two delicious sweet sweet super sweet and juicy pink grapefruits, but then nothing the next year, and then last year we got about ten and that was this totally glorious blessing... but check her out this year... seriously, HUNDREDS. We can't even let her fruit-up all those little potentials, she'd break under the weight. Talk about abundance.

Meet me at my house next January for some fresh squeezed grapefruit soda, greyhounds (that's grapefruit and vodka for you teetotalers out there), or, uh.... grapefruit pancakes? We'll be swimming in citrus next winter so swing by and we'll load you up.


Katy said...

I was actually checking out your front porch potted plants while nursing Julian Thursday. What's that black-leaved succulent-y looking one? Any chance I can get a cutting of that? I've decided I'm going to try to amass a small collection of black flowers/plants to counteract the riotous color I'm planning...

Kami said...

What's mine is yours, Katy! I am always thrilled to share cuttings.