Friday, March 13, 2009

I know I'm preaching to the choir here...

...but breastfeeding is awesome, am I right? I've only been nursing pretty much non-stop one wee babe or another for the last six years with no end in sight, so, I guess it can safely be said that I'm a fan.
My friend Marcela is a doula and I had heard her say once a long, long time ago that there weren't many good children's books on the subject of breastfeeding. Or ones that portrayed breastfeeding as a normal, natural, healthy thing to do. I wanted to surprise her with a proper book on the topic at her baby shower for her second baby, but now that baby that was on the inside, Beatrice, has been on the outside for about six months now, so it's not much of a surprise, but there you go. I think little Bea is more interested in the booby-sucking part of breastfeeding than the 'reading about' part, so this book is more for big bro Ezra to reminisce and for Marcela to... I dunno... reflect on her current lactating state? And how marvelous it is? Something like that. I hope you like it, Marcela!

There's many more pages than this, I'm just presenting you with a choice few. And if you were on the fence about breastfeeding... maybe these sweet images will cause you to hop aboard the breastfeeding train... everybody's doing it. All the rage.


Anonymous said...

that's freakin' ADORABLE! and oh so creative. makes me wanna put my now-weaned E to my chest again just to get another shot for old times sake. sniff...he stopped nursing 10 months ago.

my red neck republican bottle feeding aunt found a garage sale copy of We Like to Nurse
by Chia Martin and sent it to her granolla crunchin, boobie bearing, democratic neice (me) a few years ago...i love it so much i can't bear to pass it on yet.

mama said...


jodi said...

kami! i am so behind in reading but just saw this and Ooooooh!


love it.

i can't wait to see the whole thing!

(and i love that you used the photo of arden nursing "tiny baby"! that was while we were driving through costa rica, i think...)

Kami said...

Thanks so much for all the adorable photos Jodi! I will have to give you your own copy of this...