Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rock out

I always feel kind of shoddy when I complain too much about my children on here, as I did a couple of posts ago. They're good people and I don't want anyone saying anything bad about them, especially their own mother. But on the other hand, I strive to be realistic... I don't want anyone to feel that they suffer by comparison to me if I'm painting a picture of family life that is unfailingly rosy. So many things that I don't want. Let's see here, what do I do want.

I want people to not feel alone on this journey of parenting that is sometimes so challenging.
I want my kids to be happy.
I want us to enjoy each other's company.
I want it to be safe for us all to say exactly how we really truly feel.

Ahhh, OK. That's better. Anyway, I woke up feeling froggy about all that this morning and all my ills were cured by rocking out to my honey Josh Ritter between the hours of 9 and 10 this am. I'll leave you with a few songs of his from Youtube... I wish they had 'Bad Actress'. I don't know why, that one is the one that always cheers me up. "She said she gave her heart to you/ if it was precious why'd you lose it/ if it's big it won't be hard to find/ if it's red it stains your hands like wine/ you can look but there's no use trying/ 'cause no matter what she said the truth/ is that she'll never give her heart to you...."

So, here you go... I get all tongue-tied when I try to express why Josh Ritter is the best, so you can just sample for yourself and see if he's to your liking:

I will say this: He's joyful, and it's infectious. I just strive to do anything with my life that will make me as happy as making music makes him.

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Amy Pertl-Clark said...

Thank you, Kami! For keeping it real and for making me feel like you are always just a few steps away. I LOVE your blog and appreciate the time you put into it. Until next time....