Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Babysitting is quite Brilliant...

... and when someone other than myself is doing the babysitting, it's even better.

We have a babysitter. Bruno loves her. She will read him books for hours if that's what he wants. They've been playing Spiderman and Speedracer. It feels so good to have him be getting nourished and lavished with attention.

I haven't figured out what to do about Henrietta. Ideally I want a babysitting genius person who can wrangle both my littles and I don't have to worry one whit. But she doesn't happen to know a thing about babies. Hopefully me and little Hettie J can break her in a little.

I've been having a blissful morning. I cleared off the little shelf above our sink. That sounds really lame, doesn't it. No no, it's like this: I stare at that shelf for countless minutes and hours of my day, cooking and washing dishes as I do all too frequently. I like to make it a beautiful altar full of restful and pleasing sights, but more often than not it's just a clutter of odds and ends, caps and dead flowers and breastpump machine attachments and all the junk that doesn't really have a place. I can't imagine how much it contributes to my general sense of malaise and disorder, probably quite a lot. Anyway, as of now it's all clean and serene and perfect, that makes me very happy. And I've got my little aromatherapy diffuser going, that is such a satsifying little pleasure that I like to indulge in, especially when I'm elbows-deep in the mess... lately I have been using cedarwood (strengthening), cinnamon (centering), and sweet orange (brightening). I think it's been perking me up out of the mostly morose state I've been in.

Oh, and speaking of mostly's, I was also watching this flick Mostly Martha. It's a German film, romantic comedy, I never would have got it but I read in the New Yorker or something that it was actually good, and it actually is so so good. Actually complex, interesting, intelligent, emotional people... lots of great cooking and food which I love... it's tickling the pleasure centers of my brain, almost as much as It Happened One Night... which is the Best. Romantic Comedy. Ever. (The chemistry between those folks is not to be believed, and it's so funny and racy! That film sends me into total euphoria.)

Cheers! I hope you have some babysitting in your future....

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Nicole said...

Mostly Martha - yes that IS a good one!