Saturday, February 7, 2009

The mess

My paradigm shift for 2009, "24 hours a day of love and play" is not really in full effect right now. It just feels like the mountain of mess and chores piled up around me is insurmountable and I just can't stay on top of it. I think it may have something to do with my little Henny girl going through a separation anxiety phase where she needs to be held a lot and can't take it if I walk away for one second. AND my bigger boys have been quite demanding as well. I feel like it's all I can do to give them the attention they require in the afternoon and then still just have to manage to make supper in the generally destroyed-looking kitchen, put 'em to bed and clean up and crawl into bed exhausted. I KNOW this is just a short little phase... I know we'll be in an easier stretch shortly... but I'll tell you what I've been craving, probably thanks in large part to Kiera's inspiration, but I just want a big table full of art supplies and pretty paper and stuff to make valentines. VALENTINES! Lots and lots of valentines. And no the kids are not invited. Sorry kids.

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Bernadette said...

When your kids are a little older you can totally do the family valentine's party. It becomes fun but only when the ages are a bit advanced. We did it yesterday and it ended up with Esme and I the last ones standing at the table piled high with red paper and cereal boxes and watercolors and glue. You'll get there sister. Just hang in.