Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Visiting a restaurant!

We just had a brilliant (as my Irish friend Derwyn used to say) visit to Fiddler's Hearth, a new restaurant that just opened up a few months ago on Barton Springs Road. The owner, Kate Meehan, held wee, raven haired and scrumptious three week old Charlotte to her chest as she led us around and showed us the inner workings of the place. It was so interesting and fun, and afterwards she treated us with some homemade shortbread made in house. In fact, absolutely everything there is made from scratch, even the bread. Then, after that, we ordered some lunch, and my gosh if this wasn't the most kid friendly place I've ever eaten in. They had toys and books and games and the kids were running around having fun and no one ever looked at us askance. You'd be daft (another Derwynism) to miss out, check it out pronto!

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Kiera said...

love it that they are all on the phone...so true..so funny!