Friday, February 13, 2009

Barton Creek adventure

I'm not sure that this spot that is so special to us really has a name... Matt says it's Gus Fruh but technically it's really on the other side of the creek from Gus Fruh and up a little ways. To get there you turn in to the Brodie Oaks shopping center on South Lamar, you know, where Sun Harvest and Hobby Lobby and all that is. Drive as far left as you can get and then follow the hill all the way down and there you'll be.

We discovered this spot after we had that lovely rainy rainy spring two years ago.... it was smack dab in the middle of summer and we went down there and it was lusciously swimmable and full to the brim... I felt like it was the kind of spot you drive an hour outside of town for at least, AND, pure folly, I thought it was always like that... not hardly. Nowadays we go down there for the rocks... no water there these two years gone by... but it's still really fun, and climbing paradise for those among us with boundless energy (not me) or those of us who just enjoy a nice dose of natural beauty (me). One funny thing was that I happened to notice this message scratched on a rock... "I love Jack From Kami".... I think I must have scratched it there almost a year ago... I don't even remember doing it.
We had a fine time, though Bruno, although three years old not even a week, is deep in the throes of the threes, my GODS it's challenging. He was having a ball and then just randomly started thinking about a special drink, which we hadn't brought, or even bought, in fact it didn't even really technically exist, and went into a full on tantrum for about thirty minutes. It was actually quite perfect, I was watching him and thinking, "Ahh, that's really a good way to deal with the mad that you feel..." just on the bank of a creek, throwing rocks and sticks and screaming, I mean, there's lots of days I'd like to spend thirty minutes doing the same thing. Still wish I'd brought my ear plugs.


Bernadette said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I love the in-town, out of town feel of Austin - all its urban wildlife and wild places continues to astound.

Katy said...

Are you talking about the Greenbelt? There's an entrance to it where you're talking about--down at the bottom of the big hill just next to some office buildings.

Kami said...

Yes, definitely the greenbelt, just don't know if that location has a specific name. Doesn't say on the map.