Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dry ice.... extremely cheap, somewhat dangerous, exciting, smoky, and FUN! And you can get it at the HEB on Oltorf! We made fizzy lemonade from the Hungry Scientist's Cookbook. We made the sugar-lemon-water and then added the dry ice, it's supposed to fizz and bubble and smoke for about fifteen minutes and in the process turn all carbonated and cold. These thirsty lads couldn't wait that long so what they drank was more or less some nice warm lemonade but they guzzled it nonetheless, and declared it quite tasty.

Take note of the picture of Ian at the bottom there, in his down time he built an eggmobile, this guy is a true true tinkerer, I was so impressed. What I envision for future tinkering classes is even more time to mess around with materials and ideas, get creative, play, and get inspired. It really does my poor old heart good to see a kid just seized by an idea and really bringin' it home, completely excited and delighted. It's a beautiful beautiful thing.

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