Thursday, February 5, 2009

An update

What we are reading:

This 'Ask Me' book I just grabbed at the library last time I was there.... I absolutely love it! Over a 100 questions, simple, accompanied by this total funny and beautiful grab bag of photos, drawings, paintings, collage, etc.... "What do you do when no one has time to play with you?" accompanied by a pic of a kid tying the shoelaces of all these shoes together, "Have you ever picked fruit from a tree?", "What is a dream that you remember?", "Who is your best friend?" just wonderful conversation starters so the book is actually just a prompt for talking with your kid... the pictures also sparked a lot of convo. Highly recommended, and I really want to buy it now (and buy it for everyone we know, too!).

This was the other book I grabbed whilst at the library, and Bruno has been asking to read it over. And over. And over. We have been dealing with a lot of three year old rage much to my chagrin and I think this great book about what to do with the mad that you feel is really fascinating him. I LOVE how she just feels her feelings to the ultimate and then takes some space for herself and lets it all go. Beautiful.

What we are listening to:

I can't believe this was completely off my radar but my friend Kathie just gave it to me, it's a kid album by all these great local Austin musicians, Matt the Electrician, Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Jon Dee Graham, Bob Schneider. We are loving it and some of the songs actually make me freak out with joy ("I'm not a marsupial/ I just want some more soup, y'all!") or cry a little "Everybody's frightened of the big bad wolf/ except for his father and mother who love him/he will always be their baby big bad wolf/not some scary hairy monster in the forest"). And let's just say that the Matt the Electrician song about Princess Madeline in the castle, well, it's the first song on the cd and every kid that listens to it won't really let me get on with the rest of the cd until I've replayed this one about ten times. And it's funny too. Anyway, go out ye and buy this great album, your kids will thank you. And you will thank me. And so it goes.

What I am eating:
Kitcheree! This is the 'food of the gods' so they say and it is sprouted brown rice and mung beans. I'm doing this class with the amazing Melissa Light where she helps us do a cleanse over four weeks. I love it because well, for one thing, Melissa's great demeanor, enthusiasm, knowledge, and positivity just make it feel so fun and easy and safe and interesting. It's also really fun to go through it with the support and companionship of my classmates. And also, she's just so smart about the whole thing, the first week, we just majorly simplify our diets, just easing into it instead of jumping directly from beer and bubblegum to a 7 day fast or something like that. This is the second week and what we are doing now is eating ONLY kitcheree. And steamed vegetables. Since I am breastfeeding I'm also eating some avacado and flax oil. Anyway, I'll let you know how it all comes out (No not like that, you sickos!).

I'm also watching the last six episodes of Battlestar Galactica and wanting to see The Wrestler so desperately bad, but can't seem to find the time yet. Oh, and for movie night we watched PeeWee's Big Adventure and it was so great! Totally stood the test of time and they loved it, too. There is one unexpectedly scary part though with a character named 'Large Marge'. If your kids are sensitive you might want to fast forward. My kids were kind of scared but now they love to talk about it, so... I guess they weren't too traumatized, thank gosh.

What media are YOU consuming that you want to turn me on to? Recomendations welcomed!

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