Thursday, February 5, 2009

Garden store adventure

Well, it's a bit hard to explain, but due to some lack of mental facilities I became so disoriented as to where we were in the month I completely missed me and Matt's anniversary (it was on the third) (and yet Matt failed to alert me to this fact as well, hmmm hmm) AND thought Bruno's birthday was tomorrow. It's not. It's today. SO I decided to officially celebrate it tomorrow but I couldn't let my littlest boy's true birth date slip away without a smidgen of specialness. SO we went to The Great Outdoors, where I had to go anyway, and we had ourselves a time.
This is such a fabulous, FREE outing (though of course you may find yourself sorely tempted by the luscious plants and lacquered pots and other things it would be so fine to possess) for a parent and kid.

If you don't know: Ask at the front for some fish food. You can take it to the koi pond at the bottom of the waterfall and feed the fish. There's so much to explore, lots of fun little spots to find and have a little sit-down, OH and I must say how 'bout that coffeeshop up top, Garden District Coffee? I have never even registered that place before, and I took Bruno in to get a birthday smoothie, and it had an awesome vibe and good smells abound. And you can sit on the porch and feel enveloped in jungle-y goodness. OH, and the parrots in the little garden shop can really talk!
AND, I have to tell you, I bought a kumquat tree! I couldn't resist the temptation. Maybe it's all that kitcheree I been eating but the kumquat I plucked and popped into my mouth was one of the most heavenly things I've ever tasted... I want there to be many, many more kumquats in my future.

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