Friday, February 27, 2009

East Village Inky

Ayun Halliday is THE BEST! Read her books and SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! To this hilarious little zine. Twelve dollars is peanuts for how much enjoyment you'll get out of this tiny tome about parenting, NYC, and more miscellany than you can shake a stick at. Delivered directly TO YOUR DOOR four times a year. I just got the latest installment today and I'm planning to go underground until I've gobbled up the whole thing.

Best of her oeuvre in my humble opinion are Job Hopper and No Touch Monkey. Deeply engaging and non-stop with the laffs. They are among the few books on my shelves that are always good for a pick me up ( you don't want to dip into The God of Small Things if you're having an bummer of a day).

Dare to be heinie, y'all!

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