Monday, February 23, 2009

Bull creek is the BEST

Bull Creek has really got it all, in my humble opinion. Lovely fresh running water, gigantic slabs of rock to scamper up (if you're so inclined), miles and miles (and miles and miles) of trails, and more dogs than you can shake a stick at (though I wouldn't try shaking a stick around there, you might get stampeded).

I must say this was the perfect remedy for a grumpy Sunday morning... there was altogether too much fighting and squealing and screaming for my taste (and that was just me and Matt... JUST kidding!) so we busted out the door, grabbed a sack of breakfast tacos, and all ills were magically cured. I think my boys don't fight if they just have enough space from each other... like about one square mile for each of them. Maybe that's the secret to harmony that we haven't figured out yet... that they do have this vast amount of personal space that they actually require, and it's constantly being infringed upon at home. And that's why they squeal and squawk in a near-constant cacaphony.

We've got to get out more.

On the way back we walked along a road with cars whipping by for awhile, and Henny was in the backpack with her Dad, so Nettie got to live her dream and be the baby of the family for a few minutes. Poor girl... every time a new baby is born in this family she just gets kicked a notch lower down on the totem pole. So I really should try to throw her a bone once in a while, either literally, or figuratively, by letting her ride in the sling every now and then. But that's where I draw the line, Nettie, no breastfeeding, though I'm sure you'd love it.

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