Friday, December 26, 2008

Thunderman and Monkeyboy

Bruno is Thunderman. He started calling himself this because he has a cape with a lightning bolt on it.

Jack was Monkeyboy, because he loves to climb anything and everything. I really liked calling him Monkeyboy (and I really liked trying to celebrate his climbing obsession, which truthfully can be pretty annoying at times), and we had a song for him and everything. Then he morphed into Spiderboy, with the reasoning that spiders are actually much better and faster than monkeys. I didn't like this as much, 'cause I was liking keeping this all original and unbranded, but what can you do.

On Christmas eve I ended up pushing all other unfinished projects to the side and drawing this comic book starring our li'l superheroes. I had so much fun. Completely coincidentally we were watching Dr. Horrible (me and Matt, the kids were snug abed with the sugarplums and all that) and that was pretty fun, too.

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Bernadette said...

god damn Kami you are fricking amazing!!! No joke and no denying.