Saturday, December 27, 2008

Best Present EVER

I was feeling pretty proud of myself this Christmastime. I'm really into the idea of existing in a state of total gratitude, and I was thinking about that a lot in terms of gift giving. Or rather, gifts being given to ME. I was noticing that it's all too easy to feel slighted by someone if they gave you a better present last year, or at some other point in your life, rather than always remembering and cherishing that lovely thoughtful gift for what it was. I was thinking about this, and feeling like I was doing a pretty good job, and feeling grateful for any and all gifts I was getting, no matter how questionable, and that was when I received the 28 whisk gift set from my brother Coop. And that one completely sent me spinning! I really was just sitting there trying to make sense of it, thinking it possibly might make sense for our house, maybe the kids could play with it, no they wouldn't it would just be tons of small pieces scattered everywhere, who could I regift this to, who would even want it, and I was setting it aside and trying to move on when Matt finally convinced me to open it. And guess WHAT?!?! NOT really a 28 whisk gift set, after all. A joke gift box from The Onion, is what it was. Oh my God, Coop, you got me and good. And truly a perfect challenge for me, this year.

And this is what was inside, the perfect and brilliant gifts that someone who knows me and knows me well would know that I would LOVE. Coop, pure gifting genius.