Sunday, December 7, 2008


I can really dig on bubbles. I did a big science project on them in the third grade and my interest has been re-ignited, recently. In the project we were able to make some giganto bubbles using these truly huge bubble wands and by making some super strong bubble solution. I just have not been able to recreate that, it's really annoying. I've been experimenting and I think, for one, you can't use any hippie natural-y dish washing soap. You have to use Joy or Ivory because theys got the good chemicals. The other thing is that I think we have hard water. But you can buy distilled which is better. I still haven't tried that yet. But I digress. This new bubble recipe contains dissolved gelatin so the bubbles are actually on the strongish side, they don't burst upon meeting your dry hand or shirt, but hang out and mingle for a bit. It's kinda fun if you're in the mood for some kind of new bubble experience...

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