Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bookmaking class

Bookmaking and Paper craft CLASS February 5th through March 12th 4 - 5:30 $150 Ages 5-10
Origami books! Pop up books! Instant books! And more much more! Inspired by Esther K. Smith's How to Make Books and her latest, Magic Books and Paper Toys, we'll be making flexagons, homemade paper, and a whole batch of handmade thank you notes for each kid. We'll try our hand at printmaking and a non-toxic marbling technique. Of course lots of writing and illustrating are on the agenda... and we'll take a look at Artist to Artist: 23 Major Illustrators Talk to Children About Their Art to contemplate how some of our favorite illustrators make the magic happen. And of course we won't let the month of February slip away without making our fair share of valentines and valentine books. This is going to be SO much fun.

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