Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday night Movie night

We watched the movie Duma tonight. We LOVED it. Very high quality film for children, though I must say I enjoyed it as much if not more than the children, a rare flick low on wordiness and exposition, high on true visual storytelling. This film is rich, tender, honest, blazingly beautiful, heart wrenching. And this great child actor who was not in the least child actor-y, a real Anna Paquin, he is. Anyway, HIGHLY recommended.

We got this movie because it was based on one of our favorite books, How it was with Dooms, which I love to give as a birthday gift. This book is written by Xan Hopcraft, in true authentic child language, about his experience growing up with a real cheetah as a pet in Africa. He wrote it with his mother, who took all the beautiful photos.

The plots of the book and the movie are completely different, but I'm happy to say it didn't matter at all. Another rare occasion (like The Ice Storm) where the book and the movie are completely separate beasts, but both stand on their own as great pieces of art.

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