Sunday, December 28, 2008


A date night with just me and Matt and not even the baby, is a rare enough occurrence (though I'm happy to say, not really that rare these last few months...) but the fact that we had a completely novel time and all within a 10 block radius of our house... it's amazing. Just have to recommend to you all:

Domy books... if you're into photography, zines, graphic novels, art... the sort of stuff you will never encounter at a Barnes and Noble.... to me it was a complete treasure trove. And in my neighborhood... my good fortune is ever increasing. This is on Cesar Chavez just one block east of I-35... just look for the lampost tagged by Knitta.

Karibu Ethiopian restaurant
!! Right there on E. 7th and Attayac. If you live in this neighborhood and have grown weary of extremely sub par Mexican food and pinata stores (and unfortunately Azul went the way of the dodo, sob!), you will be thrilled upon thrilled like me. I LOVE Ethiopian food, used to eat it in Seattle, tried Aster's here and was pretty disapointed, used to make it myself when I had a little more time on my hands (in fact once a fermenting batch of injera bread batter exploded all over me, not for the faint of heart...), and I'm really happy to say that we had a great experience at Karibu, the food was delicious and so was the atmosphere and so was the waiter. Get thee over there with your bucks (and it's not expensive) and show it some love so we won't lose it!

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Bernadette said...

Ah, Ethiopian food! I love it. In D.C. we had great Ethiopian restaurants. I will for sure try your n'hood recommendation.