Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Schmristmas

Matt started this awesome tradition 4 Christmases ago, where we would buy a tree or plant or bush that we really wanted and invite it inside for a few weeks in December, and then go plant it afterward. We don't really dig on pine trees too much, at least for our yard. The first year we got a grapefruit tree. That was so great and I'm happy to say we had our first bonanza harvest this year, this month actually. They were super SWEET and good. This year we got an orange tree, some sort of Texas variety that's supposed to prosper in this clime. But it started to look a little sorry and was dropping leaves... and then we encountered a Santa whilst out and about and Jack sat next to him and told him that ALL he wanted for Christmas was a REAL Christmas tree like the one Santa was sitting next to, a good old fashioned pine tree. Darn kids messing up all of our cool traditions!!

Matt went out and bought this Italian Cypress. Maybe we'll keep it in a pot and invite it inside for a few more Christmases. That's not a half bad tradition, either.

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Bernadette said...

The rosemary plays a good pine imposter in our house. But my kids too "pine" for a real christmas tree one of these days. Although lately they've kind of been seeing the absurdity of killing a tree to use for a decoration for a couple weeks.