Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Waldorf Winter Fair

Ahh, separating the wheat from the chaff and determining that with the slew of holiday time events that can be overwhelming this time of year, this one makes the cut. Just the right speed. My kids could have spent the whole time at the playground. I love this playground. Two nice climbable well-worn trees, several sizable chunks of log, and a huge rock with a length of rope tied around it that kids were dragging around. That makes me laugh, the rock, except I know kids love something like that that seems laughable to us adults.

Anyway, felt so good to be there. Natural, idyllic, wholesome, truly fun. It felt nice to be there and not have my appreciation of the environment translate into anxiety that I should be making some huge sacrifice so that my kids can go to school there.... felt so good to feel just great with where we are at and that my kids won't turn out to be inferior beings because they received inferior schooling...

Jack made a little finger puppet at this station with all these marvelous materials laid out... many examples of charming little fairies or gnomes that folks had made... his was all globs of glue and then he chose this itchy-looking gray mass of hair that he glued squarely on the back of the head... he was perfectly happy with it and I considered it a major accomplishment that i didn't wrest it from his hands for some crafty intervention... if a balding fairy with globs of glue for eyes is his vision then so be it.

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