Sunday, December 27, 2009


A few moons ago here on the ol' blog I believe I prattled on about a visit from my long lost babysittee, Antonia. I was a nanny for her and her little brother like, uh... a long damn time ago. I guess I was 19 when I moved in with them, gee whiz. And she was a little spit fire, that one, she was so much fun. She was more like a fun little sister than a charge, and I didn't get to see her nearly enough, as she spent half the week with her dad. I was mainly there to hang with two year old Kilian, who was quite a fun little lad, himself.

The parents were a little heavy on the teevee, though, and I took it upon myself to amend their (teensy tiny) library because it was me, after all, who was doing most of the reading to the book-starved young 'un (not Antonia, she was 11 and an avid reader.) This book, Stay Up Late, was a book I bought for him. It totally blew me away when I saw it, and of course the song just can't be beat. Of course Maira Kalman is well known now, with her Max books and Elements of Style and 'New Yorkistan' New Yorker cover.... but gee, back then, what an excellent find! And lo these many years gone by and this book long out of print... and I have thought many many times that I wished I could hold the book in my hot little hands once again, I did love it so... and I told Tonia this, when she visited.... and what do you think she's gone and did?? This amazing person... now a totally advanced and full grown person... found the book and sent it to me!! I know, you're thinking, in this day and age, can't you just find the book for pennies used somewhere, but it has not been like that... this is a really truly out of print and hard to find book that is super cool and now I get to share it with my kids. That Tonia, what a whippersnapper!! What a peach! What a pearl! Just LOVE that girl, I gotta say! I completely busted up crying when I opened it. You know what a bookhead I am, and this one meant a lot to me, and that someone went and sought it out for me.... well, shucks.

She also sent Chicken Soup, Boots which we all read and cracked up all the way through... I'm feeling profoundly blessed, with my new Maira Kalman treasures, and otherwise. Tonia, you are such a beautiful and kind and creative and cool person, I am SO lucky to know you (and really thankful to facebook, I have to say, that I get to know you a little better!)
And for a treat, click here for a talk Maira Kalman gave on And check out Tonia's awesome blog, The Veganesque Life, too!


Antonia said...

I'm so glad it made it! They offered me a tracking number at the post office for 70 cents, an amount I felt at the time to be excessive. Cut to two days later when I'm cursing myself for not being able to see if it was delivered.

I recently put the song "Stay Up Late" on a mix for the kids at my work, and Adam seems concerned about the baby staying up all night, and both kids are delighted by the "little peepee" line. Haha.

I am still just so happy that visiting you worked out and that we have forged a little online connection. "Oh the technology!" everyone laments, but I have to say it's done well in this case.

Hurray for books! And friends!

Kami said...

I know, I have to say facebook is kind of the awesomest... I'll never say, "ARrrr, technology!" again....(well, maybe I will, but...) it's just cool to have a little connection goin on a day to day basis with the ol' FB.
Thanks again Antonia, so so SO cool! Of course the little peepee line makes my kids think the song is the height of hilarity as well. LOVE to you and yours!