Sunday, December 20, 2009

Candle dippin'

I'm so sad that my gift making class is over... it was the sweetest little group and I feel like there's so many projects left to do! For our last class we made beeswax candles, which in all honesty I was a mite bit frighted to try with such young folk... you know, hot wax and all. I had a revelation, however, when I thought of buying a crappy old crock pot at a thrift store and devoting it solely to the melting of wax. This way I can bring the wax down to the level of the toddlers, rather than trying to do it up on a stove top, which would be very ill advised. Also new was the idea of dipping the candle in a glass of water after dipping it in the wax. While it's not necessary, I think it helped the toddlers get a rhythm going... dip in wax, then water, repeat. So they were each able to make two little candles which they thought was quite neat. We then kicked back and relaxed with some mulled cider and kettle corn.... mmmm, so very cozy.

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