Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Schmristmas

Last year, my husband's siblings came to visit for the holidays. They came in the house and after all the hugs and hubbub they noticed this really adorable letter that was taped up to the refrigerator. It was to me, from Jack (who had JUST learned to write) and it was super adorable, "Kami You are my cupcake You are my clementine You are sweet and I love you." They all fainted with cuteness but I knew the flip side and summoned them all outside where Jack in a fit of pique earlier in the afternoon had written in chalk this scathing remark: "Marry Christmas Stoopid Kami". Of course we all died from laughter. Quite a low blow on his part. I was thinking about this today because it seems like we walk such a fine line during the holidays. It's supposed to be SO fun and exciting and joyful. But it's also SO hyper-stimulating and sometimes stressful and add some candy to that and.... KABLOOEY. And of course a major part to all that is your (the parent) expectations and stress... today I was trying to get the kids to put the finishing touches on some gifts for their teachers. The last day of school is tomorrow, the stuff had to get done tonight. I did have a major hope that they would really feel involved in the gift-giving. These teachers are such important people in their lives. Anyway, I'm sure finishing up the school year is stressful. And they had a party in school, they had candy. And in all honesty I had some sweet stuff today too and I was so aware of how edgy and impatient it made me feel. All this added up to major tears and drama. And I'm just taking it as another reminder to chill about the Christmas, yo. And thanks to my kids for reminding me. I am kind of stoopid about these things, after all.

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