Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New classes for the New Year!

*TINKERING CLASS* ages 5-12$150 Learn to make a bristlebot, a burglar alarm, a rocket launcher, a radio, and more... take apart old electronics, learn, tinker, think, create! WednesdaysJanuary 13th through January 17th 4-5:30
Learning hammering, sawing, sanding, drilling and nailing through simple but satisfying projects that your child will love. We'll build a spinning top, a special box, a peg board, and more. Fridays January 15th through February 19th, 4-5:30
*WOODSHOP FOR CHILDREN, part 2 ages 3-7 $150 (co-taught with Doerte Fimke of Austin Montessori Center)More simple and satisfying woodworking projects for children who alreadyhave some experience hammering and sawing. We'll be making a specialbox, a knitting loom, and other handmade toys, games, and projects thatyour child can really take pride in. Fridays March 5th through April 9th 4-5:30
ART, SCIENCE, AND COOKING ages 1 1/2 through 4) A smorgasborde of the most fun projects from my repetoire. Science experiments, art projects, and cooking and baking... a whole lot of messy, interesting, hands-on experiences that your toddler or preschool will be sure to enjoy. Baking soda and vinegar volcanoes, stomp rockets, building a worm farm.... Making popovers, pesto, and pizza.... painting, playing with clay and dough, and collaging.... this class has it all!
ART CLASS ages1-3 $135 Inspired by the book Young at Art by Susan Stryker, this class is achance for toddlers to have early art experiences that are messy, fun,and tactile. We explore one color per week through painting, drawing,and salt dough sculpture, and throw in some water play, books, andsnacking to round it out. This is a low stress and truly fun environment for toddlers to meet new friends and have a weekly art adventure! Tuesdays February 2nd through March 9th, 10-12


Anonymous said...

Hey Kami. What are the dates/times for the art, science, and cooking class? Want to see if it will work with Mae's school schedule.

Thanks, Sarah

Kami said...

Hey Sarah! Whoops... that's some important info that I left out, eh? Hmm, would Wednesdays starting in February work out? Feb 10th through March 17th? When is your second little lady going to make her appearance? So exciting!