Wednesday, December 2, 2009

East Austin Studio Tour

Oh bloody 'ell, I meant to keep a record of the folks I really dug that I had the good fortune to check out on this tour that I love oh so very much, but now that the time has come I see that the cards I so carefully gathered have been scattered to the four winds, courtesy of my three children or perhaps my oh-so-very-lazy lack-of-any-organizational-skills-whatsoever... And anyways I was surprised to find that some of the folks I especially liked had no web presence whatsoever, which I find kind of impressive in this day and age. Anyway I had a very very VERY very excellent time out at E.A.S.T. and as always it made my heart pulse with big red love for all the super cool people who are out there making the magic happen. I kicked myself for not bringing mad cash to fling around because you can really get some awesome art for mere shekels but I had barely any to spare... the one piece of art I bought was this Creebobby Archetype Times Table by Jacob Borshard. It was only twenty dollars and I knew my kids would LOVE it which of course they do. I think it's SO hilarious and I hung it right by the dinner table so they can pore over it whilst eating their cheerios etc. Inundating them with the art, y'all, 'cause that's how I do.
I'm totally going to email Jacob and see if he has any more prints of this, because it would really be perfecto to send to my little nephews in Oregon who can be bloody 'ell to shop for.
Also really enjoyed Nick Henning.

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