Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is the Year That I Gots to Get Organized... I just feel like my lack of organizational skill is holding me back in a major way. I mean, it's held me back in the exact perfect way that I needed at the time, but I think I've learned lessons enough on how to stay afloat on the sea of chaos, and am ready to have things just flow a lot more nice-n-easy. Ahhh, won't that be nice.
My friend Raini offered to do a trade with me: She'll help me get organized in return for some this-and-that that I can offer her. In fact she pretty much insisted that we get started straightaway whipping my disorganized butt into shape. Who am I to resist this whirlwind of organizational prowess. A total lucky blessing falling in my lap and just in time for the new year. If you'd like your 2010 to be super swell, hire Raini to de your clutter...... it's the best feeling ever, and you free up SO much space for the things you DO want in your life... F this clutter, man... and by 'F' I of course mean, 'forget'... No es necesario... Clutter is finito.

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