Thursday, December 10, 2009

Birthday parties!

I had the HUGE honor recently of being hired to do a birthday party for this sweet sweet family and their little girl who was turning 3 RIGHT in the middle of a new baby brother's first few weeks on the planet so they (very very smartly, I thought) decided NOT to soldier through and to just hire me, instead. It was really neat also because we had never even met but she was just operating on a hunch that my offerings would really be right up her daughter's alley and I must say her instincts were spot-on, because her daughter was definitely a crafty sort and so were her friends and they were so totally absorbed and delighted by the projects that we did, it was really a joy to behold. We decorated lacy golden birthday crowns with feathers and sequins and other pretty bits, and we made playdough and played with playdough, and then we gave all the kids frosting tubes with pink and purple frosting tubes and a few canisters of rainbow sprinkles and let them have at it with the cupcakes. It was all very good wholesome messy fun and I think everyone had themselves a very very fine time, and I really did too! Especially working with such friendly relaxed nice and cool people... about as close to a dream job as you could possibly get. So anyway... it was quite a fun new opportunity and chance for me to stretch my skills and try something new, and I've been positively bursting with lots of other ideas for all different sorts of parties.... I'm planning on posting more about that soon.

But never mind all that.... Happy birthday dear Freya.... happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu!

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