Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer vacation...

... has been giving me the willies. But I'm entertaining the possibility that it might not be as horribly awful as my worst imaginings... it could actually be, dare I say it, FUN.

This is the end of our first day of summer vacation and it was actually completely great. How is it that I feel way more relaxed and happy after a day wrangling all three kids than I usually do on a day when my bigger son is at school half the day? Less transitions... just plain happy that kindygarden is over and done with... whatever the deciding factor was, I'm just feeling very grateful that I'm able to feel grateful and loving towards my kids because I'm not blistered and raw from all the fighting and hurting and hollering that has been going on quite a lot lately for quite a lot of months here. WHEW.

A huge part of why I'm starting to feel more open to the wonderfulness of the upcoming summer months is this fantastic project over at Future Craft Collective that I started working on. A big clear calendar with all your summer fun and activities laid out... really helps you get a handle on it. And Jack has been gazing up at it eagerly and already anticipating many happy future events... and it has cut down so very much on the "When? When? When?" questions...

Another utterly fantabulous resource is this little blog put together by Rachel Hobson confabulating a big bunch of great things to do in Austin in the summer... so wonderful. You may feel yourself getting a little excited about these lovely lazy days to come.

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