Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm baa-a-a-a-a-ck...!

Geez Louise that took a long time. Mercury retrograde in all it's glory has savaged the many electronic devices and appliances on which our modern lives revolve. At least our cd player still works and we've been using it to listen to the Little House books (read by Cherry Jones, LOVE 'em!) and thanking our lucky stars that although we are sulkily doing without blogging and email for a week and a half, at least we are not buried roof-deep in a 7-month-long blizzard, and there are potatoes and wheat (and anchovy pizza and blueberry lemonade!) for all.

(I mention anchovy pizza because we went over to an Argentinian friend's house for supper last night, and her four year old likes anchovies on his pizza, and it turns out Jack does too! Who knew! And blueberry lemonade... we made this as part of a supper we brought to our friend Jen Arnston who just birthed baby Hiro two weeks ago... 12 lbs, 8 oz... she's a birthing hero(ine) is what she is...)

I've been working on so many interesting little projects, and devising long lists of fun ideas of things to do in these upcoming summer months (alright, I'll admit I made the list just yesterday after having a complete and utter freak out at the prospect of having to deal with all three of these little demons for the next 2 1/2 months without the daily, restful 8 hour breaks that school provides... oh beautiful school, how I love thee... how I will miss thee.... )... and I've been SO missing this egocentric little endeavor of mine, this blog, and looking forward to sharing some of these cool little ideas and projects with you all... here's one, I got from Steven Caney's Play book (this book was utterly fantastic...)'s a knitting loom, but can you see how it's constructed? It's so easy, but really brilliant. Even my 5 year old (who's not really given to crafting, not at all) got into knitting with this thing. It's the perfect obsessive/repetitive little project to while away those long summer hours... stock up on scarves for those upcoming winter months (all 2-3 of them that we have here in Austin) though you never know... we could with all this wonky weather, we could end up with a long, Long winter...

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Hyde Park Democrat said...

Amazing coincidence. I had just gotten through listening to Cherry Jones' audio recording of Disc 2 of "Little House on the Prairie"...the part where Cherry Jones sings "Old Dan Tucker,"......when I found your blog via my email.

(I have a blog alert for 'Cherry Jones' and your blog was flagged.)

BTW there is supposed to be some more adult material narrated by Cherry Jones (like the Iris Johansen novel, "Body of Lies).....
but this was available at the library at no cost, so I decided to try it.

I'm enjoying it because it brings me to happier when I was in the 4th grade....and our reading book was the classic "Singing Wheels"....also about a family in pioneer days.

Maybe your family would enjoy reading that book sometime too.