Thursday, May 28, 2009

If you don't already know about this...

... you're going to be sooooo happy. This is the kind of resource that can make or break your summer. A total treasure trove: hundreds and hundreds of recordings... all one hundred percent free. Here's the description:

Kiddie Records Weekly began in 2005 as a one year project devoted to the golden age of children's records. This period spanned from the mid forties through the early fifties and produced a wealth of all-time classics. Many of these recordings were extravagant Hollywood productions on major record labels and featured big time celebrities and composers.

Over the years, these forgotten treasures slipped off the radar and it became our mission to give them a new lease on life by sharing them with today's generation of online listeners. Each week throughout the year we'll add a new recording. We took a break in 2008, returning in 2009 for one final year.

Rock out!

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Nicole B. said...

will definitely check that out - thanks! my friend wrote about making this when she had family in town and so i thought i would pass it along:

i'll let you know if i try it soon!